Turkey seizes and destroys 52-kilometer smuggled fuel pipe at Syrian border


A 52-kilometer-long pipe used to smuggle fuel between the Turkish and Syrian border in the Narlıca district of the southern province of Hatay has been seized by the Turkish authorities, the Chief of Staff announced in a statement.

The authorities discovered 11 pipelines measuring 15,400-meters in 12 different areas in the Narlıca district, along with 50 60-liter plastic jerry cans, 3,000-liters worth of fuel and two rafts that were used to smuggle contraband to Turkey, the statement released on July 3 read.

The news marked the third instance of a smuggling pipeline being discovered by the authorities, as border troops had already discovered 5,000- and 32,000-meter-long pipelines on July 1 and 2, respectively.

All pipes and rafts discovered in the area have been destroyed after being inspected by the chief prosecutor’s office in the region, the Chief of Staff stated.

The region suffers from a high rate of contraband being smuggled from Syria to Turkey, the authorities added.

Due to the numerous attacks sustained from the Syrian side, the border posts have been reinforced with additional employees and armored vehicles.


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