‘US objective in Syria is to oust Assad’


A political activist says the real objective of the United States in Syria has been “to oust President Bashar al-Assad,” but their funds have backfired in Iraq.

US President Barack Obama last week announced “plans for $500 million to go to arming moderates in Syria,” Joe Iosbaker, a United National Antiwar Committee leader, told Press TV on Thursday. But, he said, “The use of the word moderates is for public relations here.” 

“It is well-known that weapons provided to a so-called moderate today end up in the hands of the most brutal of sectarian forces tomorrow,” Iosbaker said.

By supporting the so-called moderates the US is seeking “to oust President Assad by any means,” he said.

“For 3 years the US has funded the foreign-led armies there and the US allies – Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Turkey – have been responsible for most of the direct aid and delivered the most weapons,” he noted.

“If Washington truly wanted that stopped, how could the Saudis have continued it?” he asked. “The tail doesn’t wag the dog!”

Now the US game has been “gravely complicated by the ISIL invasion of the Iraq” and the White House is responding to this “by intervening further in Iraq.”

“It’s sent in 300 professional killers or ‘advisors’ as they call them, to the Maliki government and they call for Maliki to be replaced by someone more willing to follow US dictates,” he stated.

A woman in the US state of Colorado faced federal charges of trying to aid terrorist militants from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

According to court documents, Shannon Maureen Conley of Arvada, Colorado, wanted to marry a Tunisian militant, who had joined the ISIL, and then train ISIL militants “in US military tactics.”

Commenting on Conley’s arrest Iosbaker said, “I think this is a first for the US government to be arresting a woman and charging her with material support for terrorism for her support of an organization that they themselves are funding and arming and backing.”



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