EDL Contract Workers in Relentless Campaign over Employment


Electricite du Liban contract workers closed on Monday the doors of the company’s branches across Lebanon, demanding the full-time employment of all workers.

Head of EDL contract workers committee Lebnan Makhoul said: “Our fate is at stake. We will do all it takes to (press for) our demands, including blocking roads.”

“Maintenance work and money collection will stop,” he said.

He told several radio and TV stations that all the workers were expecting to be employed, but the state-run firm decided to send 1,600 of them home.

EDL said it limited the number of workers who would become full-timers to 891, Makhoul added.

He vowed to keep holding protests until the company withdraws its decision.

A group of workers burned tires outside the company’s headquarters in Beirut’s Mar Mikhael area to press for their demands.

But the EDL management called on security forces to assume their responsibilities and gain control of the HQ.

After its pledge, police took strong security measures to prevent the protesters from blocking the highway near the company.

Parliament adopted a law in April under which all workers would undergo an exam to fill vacant posts. Those who pass would be upgraded.


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