EXCLUSIVE: Shame of Diana’s neglected island grave


PRINCESS Diana’s former chef has accused her brother Earl Spencer of “neglecting” her final resting place on an island at his Althorp estate.

Darren McGrady, a favourite of Diana who has also cooked for the Queen, has posted several pictures of the island with strongly worded comments.

The pictures on his twitter page show that the pond around the island has a lot of algae, making it look quite dark.

A closer look at the memorial standing on the edge of the island shows that moss has formed in some areas on the stonework and a brick base can now be seen because vegetation has been cut away.

The exact spot on the island where Diana rests is kept secret for security reasons. Visitors pay £18 to enter the estate and for many the highlight is seeing the island and laying a flower at a temple constructed especially for Diana on the lakeside, which is well maintained.

Earl Spencer, 50, declined to comment yesterday but a spokesman for Althorp said: “Algae is an unsightly problem for many lakes in the summer months.

Mr McGrady chose not to comment on his tweets after we contacted his agent in the US, where he enjoys some celebrity status and calls himself the Royal Chef. He lives in Dallas, Texas, where he is known for his high end cooking and TV appearances discussing favourite Royal recipes, all spiced up with a few harmless Palace anecdotes.

In an interview with talk show queen Oprah Winfrey he revealed that if Diana was on her own at Kensington Palace she would come down to the kitchen to eat. They chatted casually as he made up meals to put on a tray.

He spent 11 years working at Buckingham Palace for the Queen but left to join Princess Diana after her divorce from Prince Charles in 1996.



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