Interpol Urges Multinational Response to ‘Barbaric’ Foley Murder


The head of the international police organization Interpol on Thursday condemned the beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley and called for a global response to the threat posed by Islamic extremists.

“The barbaric murder of James Foley by the Islamic State group underlines the depths of its depravity as it wages its campaign of terror across Syria and Iraq,” Interpol chief Ronald Noble said in a statement.

Noble called on the world to remember the other innocent people held by “bloodthirsty terrorists who know neither compassion nor mercy.”

Given that the executioner appeared to be British, Noble urged a “multilateral response against the terror threat posed by radicalized transnational fighters traveling to conflict zones in the Middle East.”

Islamic State jihadists beheaded Foley, 40, and posted the video of the murder online, sparking global outrage.

French President Francois Hollande also said Thursday he was outraged at Foley’s execution.

“I share the emotion, I share the compassions, I share also the outrage,” the French leader said upon arrival at the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion.

“To kill, to assassinate a journalist in these conditions, a journalist who had already been held for two years, to put on the internet the video of his murder, that is a sign of barbarism.”

Hollande added: “there is a rule which applies in all civilised society that the press must be protected.”


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