Leonard Cohen announces new album for 80th birthday


Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen announced Tuesday the release of a new album next month to coincide with his 80th birthday.
Titled “Popular Problems,” the album “sets a new tone and speed of hope and despair, grief and joy,” according to his website.
It contains nine new songs written in collaboration with Patrick Leonard. The pair worked together previously on Cohen’s 12th album, “Old Ideas,” which was released in 2012 and became the highest charting of Cohen’s career.
“Popular Problems” will be released in France on September 22, and in the United States the following day. Cohen was born in Montreal on September 21, 1934.
Following a 2005 lawsuit against his ex-manager for stealing from him while he lived in a monastery near Los Angeles, and with his finances in disarray, Cohen returned to performing in 2008 after a 15-year gap.
He has since continued to tour with great success, resurrecting his career and reputation worldwide.


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