Most women believe they look five years younger…until they hit 45


For the vast majority believe they look at least five years younger than they really are.

Women judge themselves by their “face age”, a poll for a skincare brand reveals. And less than one per cent of women said their face matched their real years.

Three-quarters believe they look five years younger because of the quality of their skin and one in 10 is under the impression they look a whole decade younger.

Despite this, half of the 2,000 women aged between 30 and 60 who were questioned said that they worried about how old they look – with 37 per cent admitting their concerns began when they were in their thirties.

Overall, the average age at which women felt they started to look old was 46.

Just under a third said they would “happily embrace” growing old, but six in 10 said they would fight time, agreeing “it did not hurt to try to slow down the ageing process”. The poll was conducted for Lancome Advanced Genefique, whose spokeswoman Victoria Campbell said: “There is no reason women shouldn’t go on enjoying their looks well into their seventies.”

Among the “secrets of eternal youth” were a happy marriage, avoiding sunburn, using a good moisturiser or serum, eating fruit and vegetables – and a glass of wine at the weekend.

Alas, the real key is totally out of women’s control. Eight out of 10 said being born with good genes was the crucial factor in staying looking youthful.



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