Army Finds More Launchpads that Targeted Israel


On Monday night, the Lebanese Army found three launchpads in the southern Marjeyoun al-Jarmaq area that were used to launch missiles into Israel, the state-run National News Agency reported on Tuesday.

After a close investigation, the army said that only two rockets were fired from the platforms while a third suffered malfunction and was dismantled later by the Lebanese army weapon engineers.

Israel intensified its patrols along the border line starting from al-Adaysseh extending to the Shebaa and Kfarshuba hills which triggered tension.

Meanwhile the UNIFIL executed patrols along the blue line.

Unmanned Israeli surveillance planes and helicopters continue to hover above Shabaa.

On Sunday, two rocket launchpads were found in the southern region of Tyre, from which two rockets were fired overnight Saturday at northern Israel.

The two rockets were fired on the 47th day of an Israeli war against the Islamist movement Hamas in the Palestinian Gaza Strip.


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