N.Y. Times: Egypt, UAE secretly attacked militias in Libya


U.S. not consulted on missions, which American diplomats say could undermine efforts at peaceful solution, paper reports.

Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have recently launched joint air strikes on Islamist-allied militias trying to take control of Tripoli, Libya, senior U.S. officials have told The New York Times.

The attacks reflect a major struggle for power between the traditional Arab governments and the Islamist groups that formed in the wake of the Arab uprising, the paper reported.

Both Egypt and the UAE are close U.S. allies, but they carried out the secret missions without informing or seeking consent from Washington, the officials told the Times. Egyptian officials denied the attacks to U.S. diplomats, the Times reported.

The Times quoted American officials as saying that the UAE provided the planes, refueling planes and pilots for the attacks while Egypt provided the bases from which the fighters could bomb Tripoli.

U.S. diplomats were angered by the strikes, the officials told the Times. The diplomats felt that they could inflame the situation in Libya when the United Nations and western countries were trying to find a peaceful resolution to the country’s conflict, the paper reported.





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