Google celebrates the 200th birthday of Sheridan Le Fanu


TODAY Google celebrates the 200th birthday of famed Irish Gothic writer Sheridan Le Fanu.

Google’s black and white doodle shows a ghostly figure hovering over a sleeping girl.

Le Fanu was the leading author in Gothic ghost tales in the 19th century and one of his best-known vampire novels, Carmilla, predated Bram Stoker’s Dracula by more than 25 years.

Born into a literary family, Le Fanu would use his father’s library to educate himself.

He went on to study Law at Trinity College Dublin but soon abandoned the subject for a career in journalism.

In 1838, he wrote his first ghost story, ‘The Ghost and the Bone-Setter’.

He married Susanna Bennett in 1844, with whom he had four children. However, Susanna’s ill health often led to martial problems.

When his wife died in 1858, he blamed himself and gave up writing until 1861.

Le Fanu’s best known works include Uncle Silas and The House by the Churchyard.

Le Fanu died at the age of 58 in Dublin on 7 February 1873.

The city named a road and a park near his childhood home in Ballyfermot after him.



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