Report: Netanyahu and Abbas held secret talks before Gaza truce signed


No official Palestinian, Israeli or Jordanian source confirms that meeting in Amman actually took place.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas held a secret meeting in Amman days before the cease-fire was signed ending the war in Gaza, the Jordanian newspaper Alghrad reported on Thursday.

No details were given about the meeting, and no official from Jordan, Israel or the Palestinian Authority would confirm that it in fact happened.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu will convene the political-security cabinet on Thursday evening at the Defense Ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv to discuss the cease-fire, which has held now for two days.

Netanyahu told a press conference on Wednesday night that Israel had secured a “great military and political” achievement in the Gaza war and that Hamas had been dealt a “heavy blow.”

Responding to a journalist’s question, the prime minister said: “We would be happy to see Abu-Mazen’s [Abbas’] forces enter the Gaza Strip.” The Palestinian president, he said “has to decide which side he is on. We hope he will continue to support a peace deal with Israel.”

Last week, prior to the truce, Netanyahu told a press conference that dramatic changes in the region promise a “new political horizon,” even as Hamas and Israel continued to exchange fire after the collapse of the previous round of truce talks.

“I hope Abbas will have a significant part in the new diplomatic horizon. I expect to start talks with a Palestinian government which can abandon the path of terror,” Netanyahu said.



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