Obama ‘banned’ from Russian duty-free store


Western leaders passing through Vladivostok airport may just have to wait to stock up on perfume and liquor, after a duty-free store apparently decided to hit them with its own particular sanction.

President Barack Obama, the U.K.’s David Cameron and Germany’s Angela Merkel are on the store’s 13-strong list of “persons not welcome here”, going by a sign posted to Instagram Sunday.

In all, seven western leaders and six top Ukrainian politicians “will not be attended to … in this shop”, the notice says.

A spate of spoof signs has been hitting Russian social media, barring entry to Obama in the main, said Michael Idov, who posted the airport notice. But this is a step up, he told British publication i100.

“What took me aback in this case was both the placement — the international lounge of an international airport, in a city that has just hosted a great international music festival — and the sleekness of the design,” Idov said, according to i100.

“It seems like what started as a bad grassroots joke is quickly becoming a bad institutional one.”

Officially, Russia is taking a tougher tone over Ukraine, too. President Vladimir Putin has signaled the Kremlin will take a hard line in talks over Ukraine, while Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, has said the country will act to protect its economy if faced with a fresh round of Western sanctions.



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