Bahrain’s international connectivity ‘is reliable’


Bahrain is well-positioned in terms of availability and diversity of international connectivity, a Telecommunication Regulatory Authority industry survey has found.

According to the results of the survey, Bahrain has access to six diverse physical routes composed of four submarine cable systems in the Gulf and two fibre routes linking Saudi Arabia.

The total available capacity over those routes is estimated to 360 Gigabits this year while the used capacity is 123 Gigabits.

This represents about 34 per cent consumption of the available pool and leaving a comfortable margin for traffic growth.

Traffic increase is driven by the use of Internet services, over fixed and mobile networks, in particular since the launch of LTE in the kingdom.

Capacity allocated to Internet Protocol traffic alone is estimated to 60 Gigabits, which represents a 100pc increase since last year when the capacity was estimated to 31 Gigabits.

“In order for state-of-the-art national telecommunications networks to fulfil this role, robust and high-quality connectivity to international telecommunications networks is essential, otherwise the kingdom would be isolated from the global eco-system,” TRA general director Mohammed Bubashait said.

“Sufficient, reliable and affordable international capacity is therefore key to achieving the kingdom’s strategic vision and enhancing the competitive position of Bahrain in the region. “This is emphasised in the Third National Telecommunications Plan, which will also enable national operators to provide competitive offers to individuals and businesses,” he added.


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