Saudi Arabia’s Frustrated Female Strivers


It’s not always easy being a woman in Saudi Arabia. Women are more likely than men to say they’re motivated by “striving to achieve,” according to a survey, as well as more likely to say they’re discouraged by negative feelings and a lack of personal achievement.

That’s according to a sample of nearly 1,000 Saudi nationals conducted by YouGov for Oxford Strategic Consulting, which specializes in human resources in Gulf nations and in Europe. ”There is a tremendous amount of untapped female talent in Saudi Arabia, with one of the challenges being internalized negative feelings,” Oxford Chairman William Scott-Jackson said in a press release. He said there are techniques that could help women deal with negative feelings, “even in school.”

In contrast to women, Saudi men were more likely to be motivated by religion or beliefs, and to some extent by an easy life. They were more likely than women to be discouraged by immoral behavior and societal issues.


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