Religious Summit on Thursday to Reject Terrorism, Reiterate Coexistence


Muslim and Christian religious leaders are expected to hold a summit on Thursday which will follow Maronite Patriarch’s Beshara al-Rahi’s visit to Dar al-Fatwa to congratulate the new Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan on his election as the new Grand Mufti of the Republic.

A closing statement will be delivered at the end of the summit reiterating rejection to terrorism and renewing adherence to national coexistence, unnamed sources told al-Liwaa daily on Tuesday.

The statement will also call for the necessity to safeguard Lebanon at the political level by holding the presidential and parliamentary elections.

According to An Nahar daily, al-Rahi is expected to visit Daryan Tuesday to congratulate him on his inauguration. The two men are to discuss the latest developments in the country.

Head of the Sunni Sharia Supreme Court of Lebanon Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan, 61, was unanimously elected in August as the country’s new Grand Mufti succeeding Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani.

Since August, Lebanon has been on a knife edge when fierce clashes erupted in the northeastern town of Arsal between the Lebanese army and jihadists of the Islamist state.

The clashes killed several soldiers in addition to others that were held captive by the IS, which in turn set a list of demands to free them.

The IS has later killed 3 of the soldiers in response to the Lebanese government’s refusal to meet their demands.


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