US and France say no evidence to back up terrorism threat


The United States and France have said they have no evidence to back up claims made by the Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi that he has “credible” evidence about plans by Islamic State militants to attack subway systems in Paris and the US.

The Governor of New York, the Mayor of New York City and other local officials were quick to reassure the millions who use public transport that the system there is safe.

“We talk about a new norm in climate change to expect more storms etc. But that’s the new reality. I would say that about terrorism. Expect a general threat. Somebody asked me yesterday, ‘When does this get better?’. I think we may have tensions reduced, but I don’t think this goes away. It hasn’t gone away since 9/11. 9/11 was our first wake-up-call, said Andrew Cuomo, New York State governor.

Meanwhile, Paris has said it would increase security on transport and in public spaces following the killing of a French tourist in Algeria this week.

France has also laid out its intention to help any state that requests its help to fight terror.

Earlier this week, the French government warned its citizens, in particular those living abroad, to be on guard.



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