Fidel Castro’s Pictures Released Disposing Rumors About His Death



The images of the former Cuban leader were published by the Cuban newspaper “Granma” depicting Castro reading a newspaper and his wife standing nearby.

As a long press silence of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro sparked rumors about the deterioration of his health and even his alleged death, the Cuban newspaper “Granma” released an article with the first pictures of Fidel Castro over the last months, disposing speculations about his demise, according to AFP.

In a number of pictures, Castro is seen at his home, wearing his usual blue track-suit and holding a newspaper. Images also depict his wife Dalia and the leader of a students’ union, Randy Perdomo García, during a meeting in Castro’s house, which is reported to have taken place on January 23.

About a week ago, the former Cuban leader sent a letter to the Federation of University Students, in which he supported the revival of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the US and called for a peaceful conflict resolution in the future.

Castro also sent another letter to his friend, football star Diego Maradona, in January, saying that he is alive and doing well.

Castro’s long retreat from the public triggered speculations about his poor health and even his death. Rumors intensified after Fidel Castro did not comment on the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba, which was announced in the middle of December.




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