‘No Jews’ job advert provokes outrage in France amid fears of anti-Semitism on the rise


The company the advert was for and website that hosted it have denied responsiblity

Lizzie Dearden – 4 February 2015

“You are rigorous, well-organised, diligent…and if possible, not a Jew.”

That was part of a French job advert’s description of the ideal candidate for a graphic designer post in Paris.

The advert, which was posted on specialist site Graphic-Jobs.com by NSL Studio on Monday, was withdrawn within minutes but sparked widespread condemnation in France.

Anti-Semitic attacks are reportedly on the rise in the country and fears peaked after an associate of the Charlie Hebdo gunmen, Amedy Coulibaly, deliberately targeted Jews at a Kosher grocery in his murderous rampage.

The job advert is the latest incident in what campaigners say is proof of rising anti-Jewish sentiment in the country.

@adsaum: Dites @graphic_jobs_, ça va le “si possible pas juif(ve)” sur cette annonce? http://t.co/JZUGnRrNqL, pic.twitter.com/Gtm8WoF5Th

— GDK (@DavidKombila1) February 2, 2015



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