U.N. Urges Libyan Factions to Reach Agreement


The U.N. Security Council on Wednesday urged Libyan factions to quickly reach a government agreement aimed at ending months of chaos and accept the latest proposals of mediator Bernardino Leon.

U.N. envoy Leon has been mediating between the Fajr Libya Islamist militia-led alliance and Libya’s internationally recognized government to try and bring calm to a country that has been in turmoil since a NATO-backed revolt in 2011.

The council said there was an “urgency for the Libyan parties to agree on a Government of National Accord” and the parties should view “positively” a draft put forward by Leon earlier this month during talks in Morocco.

The draft proposes both sides commit to integrating their militias into one military under control of a unity government. The unity government would appoint a prime minister and prepare for elections.

The Fajr alliance controlling Libya’s capital Tripoli welcomed the draft U.N. agreement, but said “modifications” needed to be made.

While the recognized government has voiced “displeasure” with parts of the proposed agreement and has suggested changes.

Following years of internal fighting Tripoli is under control of the Fajr militias, while the eastern city of Tobruk is the home of the recognized government.


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