Hillary Clinton Demands Loyalty Pledge


Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton might be worried about maintaining that status, asking attendees at a Cleveland, Ohio, event to sign a loyalty pledge before being allowed to enter, writes Salena Zito at Real Clear Politics. Zito posted a picture of the pledge on Twitter. It reads, “I _______ commit to vote for Hillary Clinton.” Below that is a list of volunteer opportunities with checkboxes. They include “Collect signatures” and “Host a grassroots fundraiser.”
Hillary Has Millennials sign commitment pledge in order to attend #cleveland event http://t.co/NJshGnYt4p pic.twitter.com/P8SUYJzP1L

— SalenaZito (@SalenaZitoTrib) September 7, 2015

The crowd wasn’t very big, Zito reported, and even if all those who did attend signed the pledge, Clinton shouldn’t hold her breath expecting them to keep good on their word. Most in the crowd of millennials were Bernie Sanders supporters and said they just showed up out of curiosity. Some were hoping to see former President Bill Clinton. The crowd was unenthusiastic, Zito said. Further, Clinton didn’t adjust her speech to the college-age crowd, thanking them for their support in 2008 – when most were 12 years old. “What it showed was a campaign staff that is underachieving at best or failing their candidate at worst, and a candidate trapped by that staff’s arrogance and her own insecurity as a campaigner,” Zito said.




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