Moldovan President Won’t Resign Amid Protests, Corruption Allegations


Nicolae Timofti will not step down, as numerous people rallied for his resignation over corruption allegations.

Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti will not step down, as numerous people rallied for his resignation over corruption allegations for two days, a secretary of the presidential administration told the press.

About a thousand Moldovan protesters gathered late Monday in central Chisinau demanding the resignation of the Moldovan government and the chief prosecutor, as well as an early parliamentary election and anti-corruption action.

“The demonstrators conceived this demand [Timofti’s resignation] in one night, and it became a leitmotif for this protest. But the resignation of the president in current conditions will not be in the interests of the country, Timofti will not resign,” Ion Paduraru said, as quoted by the Ziarul National newspaper.

According to Paduraru, Timofti may address the protesters later.

Protests erupted in the Moldovan capital on Sunday, with up to 100,000 people from the civic platform Dignity and Truth (DA), and Communist political party “Our Home is Moldova” (OHM) rallying across the city.

Protests were sparked by last year’s vanishing of more than $1 billion, or the equivalent of 15 percent of the country’s total gross domestic product, from three Moldovan banks. The incident negatively impacted the country’s banking system and depreciated the national currency, the leu.




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