Money, greed main motives behind Sheena Bora murder


Mumbai police claim that money and greed were the prime motives in the Sheena Bora murder case. According to sources, Indrani felt uncomfortable with the rising demands of her daughter Sheena, who was continuously asking her mother for more money. Police also say that Mikhail Bora was also targetted for the same reason.

“Even though we are examining and investigating the details financial dealings of Mukerjeas, the motive behind the murder is clear. Sheena was allegedly getting little greedy and this caused discomfort to Indrani. The same happened with Mikhail,” a top level police source told India Today.

The Mumbai cops have also come across two witnesses in the murder probe. Among the witnesses are the accounts of a petrol pump attendant and a suitcase dealer. The petrol pump attendant recalls that Indrani was the only customer who came looking for 10 litres of petrol in cans. The demand was an unusual one by any customer till then.

Whereas the suitcase dealer said that he remembered the incident for he had got a hefty tip. Police sources say that Indrani had paid Rs 1,500 for the suitcase when it’s worth was only Rs 700. Also, the dealer also said that he was given a tip of Rs 300 for carrying the large suitcase to the car. Indrani had reportedly gone to purchase the suitcase alone while driver Shyam Rai remained in the car.

“The shopkeeper of the bag store specifically remembers Indrani because of her request for the ‘largest bag’, claimed a police officer.

On August 30, the Mumbai cops had recovered a suitcase from a garage at Indrani Mukerjea’s residence. Investigators said that the suitcase was used to be used to stuff the body of Mikhail Bora, Indrani’s son, after murdering him. Sources also say that the plan to murder Mikhail was hatched in Kolkata.

Another suitcase was used to dispose off Sheena’s burnt corpse.



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