Germany Needs Migrants as ‘Slaves’ – Marine Le Pen


National Front leader Marine Le Pen has accused Germany of looking to lower wages and hire “slaves” by opening its doors to thousands of migrants and refugees, British media reported on Sunday.

“Germany probably thinks its population is moribund, and it is probably seeking to lower wages and continue to recruit slaves through mass immigration,” Marine Le Pen told a NF rally in Marseille.
The European Commission will unveil a new policy on Wednesday to make it easier to process asylum claims, send those from safe countries home and distribute bona fide refugees among the bloc’s 28 members.
If the draft is approved, France will have to allow in an additional 27,000 new migrants from Africa and the Middle East.
A previous such proposal by the European Commission in July was rejected by Britain, Denmark, Ireland and a number of East European countries
An estimated 340,000 migrants have arrived in the EU countries since January resulting in the worst displaced persons crisis Europe has witnessed in the 21st century.


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