Israeli Officials: Clinton’s Iran Remarks Prove Netanyahu Ties With Democrats Are Strong


Clinton says if she were president, she would meticulously enforce deal and work to thwart any negative Iranian activity in the Mideast.

Senior officials in Jerusalem said Wednesday that Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s remarks on Iran earlier in the day prove that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s aggressive and direct campaign against U.S. President Barack Obama and Iran nuclear deal was justified. 

“The claims that staunch opposition to the Iran deal would destroy relations with the U.S. in general, and particularly with the Democrats, were completely refuted following Clinton’s remarks,” the senior officials said. “Even those who support the deal emphasize the importance and depth of ties with Israel, and the need to strengthen them in wake of the deal.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Clinton gave a speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington and presented her stance on the nuclear agreement. Much of the secret negotiations with Iran began when Clinton was secretary of state. In the speech, she emphasized that she supports the deal with Iran, but noted that if she were elected president she would meticulously enforce the deal and work to thwart any negative Iranian activity in the Mideast.

Despite the fact that Clinton supported President Barack Obama in everything related to the nuclear agreement, she leveled subtle criticism at him over his relationship with Israel. Clinton emphasized that she doesn’t believe in a “tough love” American policy toward Israel. That is, policy in which the U.S. levels public criticism at Israel or places diplomatic pressure on Israel out of fear for the country’s future.

Clinton said also that if she is elected she will invite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet at the White House in her first month as president.


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