Poll: Most Israeli Jews Predict Netanyahu Campaign in Congress Will Fail


But 70 percent agree Iran deal is existential threat, according to Peace Index; 68.1 percent of Israelis believe U.S. is committed to Israel’s security.

The vast majority of Israeli Jews agree with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the nuclear deal with Iran is “an existential threat” to Israel, according to a new poll.

Some 73 percent of Israeli Jews are “sure” or “moderately sure” the deal is a threat, according to the monthly Peace Index poll released on Wednesday by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University. But when it comes to members of the left-wing party Meretz, the number drops dramatically; a full 90 percent disagree that the deal is an existential threat. Meanwhile, 45 percent of Arabs disagree, too.

The poll also found that most Israeli Jews – some 78 percent – do not believe Tehran will uphold its commitments under the deal. There was an even split among Israeli Arabs on this question. Some 34% said they don’t know, while 30% said Iran would keep up its end of the bargain, and 35% said it wouldn’t.

It also found that 68.1 percent of Israelis believe that the U.S. is committed to Israel’s security.

The survey was carried out before U.S. President Barack Obama got the 34 Senate votes he needed to uphold his veto of a congressional resolution against the deal. But most Israelis predicted Netanyahu’s campaign against it in Congress would fail. Some 64 percent thought his campaign had ”a small or no chance of succeeding.”

Just under half of Israeli Jews, some 48 percent, believe Netanyahu’s campaign against the deal will damage U.S.-Israeli relations. Some 37 percent believe it won’t affect them at all. A small group, 8 percent of respondents, think his campaign would positively affect ties.

Concern about the special relationship was highest among Israel’s center and left-wing. Some 85 percent of Meretz members, 72 percent of Zionist Union members, and 68 percent of Yesh Atid members were worried about the damage Netanyahu is doing to ties with the U.S.

The index also asked what Israelis think about last summer’s war against Hamas. The overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews – 80 percent – think it was right to launch the operation. Some 69 percent think it was wrong.

When it comes to the outcome of the fighting, 50 percent of Jews say the results were “moderately good” or “very good.” 47 percent say they were “not good at all” or “not so good.” Three quarters of Israeli Arabs, meanwhile, think the results were “not good.”


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