Series of Arizona Highway Shootings Spark Panic Over Serial Sniper


Nearly a dozen mysterious gunshots along Interstate 10 in Arizona in less than two weeks have local residents panicked, and authorities talking about the possibility of a new serial sniper in the US.

Officials have launched an investigation into 11 confirmed incidents involving gunshots on the freeway running through Phoenix’s downtown area. Previously, local media reported there had been 12 shootings, but one of them wasn’t confirmed by police.

Arizona on edge as police confirm 11th freeway shooting in Phoenix. @Miguelnbc starts us off #NBCNightlyNews

— NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) September 10, 2015

BREAKING: Officials Investigating 3rd Shooting Today Near Interstate-10 in Phoenix-

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) September 10, 2015

Authorities investigating another possible shooting on Arizona’s I-10:

— CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) September 9, 2015

Although no one has been killed, a teenage girl was injured while driving an SUV in late August – her ear was sliced by glass after a bullet was shot through her windshield, CNN reported.

The latest incident was reported on Thursday morning, when what appeared to be a bullet hole was found in the side of a commercial truck.

Officials in Arizona are investigating a tenth possible shooting in eleven days on a busy Phoenix highway.

— AJ+ (@ajplus) September 10, 2015

“What we have is a very dangerous situation and somebody knows something,” Raul Garcia, a state trooper public information officer, told Fox News.

Although police offered a reward of up to $20,000 for any information about the shooter or shooters, no suspects have been detained.

Shooting incidents on Arizona freeways continue to rise; 12 incidents confirmed:

— ABC News (@ABC) September 10, 2015

Frank Milstead, the head of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, equated the shooting incidents to acts of terrorism.

“Anytime that you have multiple shootings against American citizens on a highway, that’s terrorism,” he told Fox. “They’re trying to frighten or kill somebody.”

Investigators are looking for possible links to other similar cases across the nation.

Earlier this year a series of roadside gunshots that resulted in one death were reported in Colorado. But, according to many experts, the shootings are not connected.

Meanwhile, many in Phoenix say they’re now choosing to drive on city streets rather than the highway.




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