Sanders expands his lead on Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire


Independent US Senator Bernie Sanders seeking Democratic nomination has expanded his lead on Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, a new poll has revealed.

The poll, released by CBS News on Sunday, shows Sanders is up by double-digits on the former secretary of state in the two key states.

The senator is drawing 43 percent support in Iowa and 52 percent in New Hampshire, whereas Clinton is sitting at 33 percent support in Iowa and 30 percent support in New Hampshire.

In South Carolina, however, Clinton is drawing 46 percent support compared to Sanders’ 23 percent support.

New Hampshire holds the first primary election in the US presidential race every four years to choose the delegates to the Democratic and Republican national conventions, who choose the party nominees for the elections.

The presidential primary elections and caucuses are held in each US state, part of the nominating process of the US presidential elections.

The new poll has surprised many political analysts as the latest sign of Clinton’s potential weaknesses as a candidate.

Sanders’ emphasis on US income inequality and influence of corporate money on elections and government has helped him attract large crowds on the campaign trail.

Along with the New Hampshire primary, Iowa’s caucuses have become the starting points for choosing the two major-party candidates for president.

Clinton still remains the front-runner candidate for final Democratic nomination but that might change in the near future as Sanders has been rapidly gaining in several high-profile polls.


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