Turkish police detain industrial group executives in Gülen-linked operation: Media


Police detained 11 people in central Turkey, including executives of a conglomerate and university officials, in an operation targeting supporters of a U.S.-based cleric accused by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of plotting a coup, CNN Türk television said on Sept.16.

CNN Türk said the operation in the central city of Kayseri was aimed at the “parallel structure”, which Erdoğan accuses cleric Fethullah Gülen of operating in the judiciary, police, media and business world. Gülen denies the charge. 

The detained executives include the chief executive of the unlisted Boydak Holding, active in furniture, energy, and textiles, CNN Türk said.

A Boydak official contacted by Reuters said there was no operation targeting the group and that he was unaware of any detentions. According to its website, the group has annual turnover of more than 6 billion lira ($2 billion) and has more than 13,000 employees.


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