Foreign Ministers of Visegrad Group, Luxembourg to Discuss Migrant Crisis


Foreign ministers of the Visegrad Group, comprising Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, and the foreign minister of Luxembourg will hold talks on migrant crisis on Monday in Prague, spokeswoman for the Czech Foreign Ministry said.

“Heads of the Visegrad Four foreign ministries will hold extraordinary talks on refugee situation in Europe, their counterpart from Luxembourg, which currently holds the EU presidency, will take part in the meeting,” Michaela Lagronova told journalists on Sunday.

The meeting is expected to result in adopting a joint declaration on the issue, she added.

On Thursday, the European Parliament approved a plan to relocate 120,000 migrants throughout the EU member countries. The Visegrad Group members oppose such an approach as a way of resolving the refugee crisis.

Over 500,000 migrants and refugees have arrived in the European Union since the beginning of 2015, according to the European Commission.


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