Malcolm Turnbull in first TV interview as PM: ‘Real men don’t hit women’


Malcolm Turnbull has flagged the domestic violence crisis as a priority in his first TV interview as Prime Minister, saying the issue as been overlooked for far too long.

The PM told Today‘s Lisa Wilkinson that “the issue of family violence, or domestic violence as it’s often called – which is just violence against women, which is the way I prefer to describe it – is an enormous one.

“It has been overlooked, ignored to some extent, for far too long – and we must have zero tolerance for it.”

Turnbull said a growing level of awareness of it is “vital”.

“Real men don’t hit women,” he added, “and we’ve got to be very determined to eradicate it.”

While it’s heartening to see the new Prime Minister drawing attention to the issue and taking a strong stance in his first television interview, the language he’s using is problematic. Repeating the cliche that “real men don’t hit women” is not a helpful way of raising awareness about domestic violence. Real men do hit women. Real men kill women. Real men use emotional and financial abuse to control women. Suggesting that men who commit domestic violence are somehow not ‘real’ or that their actions are at odds with ‘real masculinity’ not only fundamentally misunderstands the politics of masculinity – it obscures the very real structural inequality that leaves women vulnerable to abuse by their partners.

Domestic violence is not just ‘hitting women’, and it’s not just caused by lack of moral fibre in individual men. Its causes are social and structural, and if we’re to eradicate it this needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

In pointing out that the issue has been overlooked and ignored for far too long, we can only hope that the new Prime Minister is planning to go further than simply throwing pennies at an awareness raising campaign aimed at shaming individual offenders. It’s a far bigger problem than that, and women desperately need more.




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