Yemen’s next stages ‘most difficult’: PM


Yemen’s Vice President and Prime Minister Khaled Bahah stressed that the rebuilding process and the re-formation of its armed leaders and forces would be “the most difficult stage” in Yemen’s next steps.
In a speech before the leadership of the Fourth Military Region in Aden, the prime minister described the next stages in Yemen’s history as the biggest challenge for its citizens.
He also pointed out that the armed forces must build and remodel away from partisanship and regionalism.
Bahah only recently returned, along with seven other ministers from his Cabinet, to Aden last week in order to formally run the affairs of the country.
His Cabinet’s return from Saudi Arabia follows that of several other Yemeni ministers who relocated to Aden from the Kingdom in the weeks after the city’s recapture. Bahah made a brief visit to Aden on Aug. 1.


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