Yemen’s president returns to Aden after 6-month exile


Yemeni President Abed-Rabbu Mansour Hadi landed in Aden on Tuesday, airport sources said, returning to the southern port city for the first time since he escaped to Saudi Arabia as Houthi fighters closed in six months ago.A government source said Hadi would spend the Muslim Eid Al-Adha holiday in Aden and then fly to New York to deliver a speech at the United Nations. Last week, Prime Minister Khaled Bahah and seven ministers returned to Aden to take up residence in the city. An alliance of Arab states — mostly Yemen’s wealthy Arabian Peninsula neighbors — intervened in the impoverished country’s civil war in March with the aim of restoring Hadi, and have helped drive the Iranian-allied Houthi forces back from Aden. Gulf ground troops are now trying to push into Houthi strongholds in northern Yemen and in Sanaa, which the group seized a year ago. So far, they appear to have made few gains. Coalition warplanes continued to bombard enemy targets in Sanaa, where Houthis and loyalists of ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh are fort.

Saba, the Houthi-controlled state news agency, said 236 people have been killed in Coalition air strikes over the last four days. A spokesman for the Saudi Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that two Saudi soldiers strayed into enemy territory in Yemen and are presumed to be in the hands of the Houthis. “Two soldiers from the Saudi forces are missing after they lost their way inside Yemeni territory and the evidence points to them being alive and detained by the Houthi militias,” Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al-Asseri said in a statement.


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