Ellen Page and Julianne Moore on “Gay” Movies Vs. “Straight” Movies


When she’s not making a movie, shooting the same scene over and over, she’s promoting a movie, answering the same questions over and over.

Freeheld tells a true story about two women who did face institutional obstacles and punishment due to their relationship; it would be easier for the media (and movie-goers) to write off this film’s events as documenting a battle that’s already won. “What’s important is to empathize with people in that situation, to think about what that must feel like, how hard it must be”, she said before the screening, which was followed by an after-party at Omar’s in Greenwich Village. “And yes, obviously, to effect change you need to call attention to things that are different”.

Freeheld could very well help achieve that.

“Freeheld“, which opens Friday, stars Julianne Moore (r.) as a cancer-stricken police lieutenant struggling to transfer her pension benefits to her domestic partner, played by Ellen Page. I do not like cops officers movies, I do not know, ‘ Director’s cut: The pair have been joined by director Peter Sollett to debate their new movieHowever she was moved by the plot. “Who can imagine opening their lives up to the world and a documentary filmmaker at a time of such intense pain and difficulty?” “Saying no to someone who’d spent her entire life protecting the citizens of New Jersey”, Ellen recently said of the movie to the New York Daily News. On Twitter she’s unambiguous about her support for Planned Parenthood, gun control and, of course, marriage equality. “Because her issue was equality – period”. ‘She was a police detective and believed in the law enforcement and the justice system’. “They just wanted to be treated like everybody else”, Moore told Variety on the red carpet.

Moore’s decision to star in the film was a small victory in itself. “When I am inspired by other people, it inspires my own life”. “It could be general bullying in the office, to getting fired – there are many states in America where you can be fired for being gay or trains or bi…”



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