Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck’s One Night Stand That Changed Everything


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are apparently still feeling the love, after a simple family dinner led to some hot ex-sex. The might be in the middle of a divorce, but their chemistry is making things oh-so complicated!

Jennifer Garner, 43, and Ben Affleck, 43, reportedly let their leftover feelings get the best of them after having dinner as a family, and wound up sleeping together. It was the night that changed everything: Jen and Ben have now allegedly talked getting their relationship back on track — and there’s that little thing about a baby potentially being on the way.

Jen and Ben got the kids together to have dinner as a family in mid-August, and apparently one thing led to another after the kids went to sleep. The exes stayed up late talking and laughing and reminiscing on good times — and they allegedly got in bed together! Scandalous!

The former couple has been trying to work on their relationship in counseling sessions, attempting to learn how to co-parent and keep things amicable between themselves. Well it definitely worked, didn’t it? “They’ve never been as honest and raw with each other as they have over the past few months,” a source told OK! magazine. “It’s connected them, emotionally, in a way neither of them could have predicted.”

Well that’s an understatement! Ever since their split, Jen has stayed her distance from her ex-husband (mainly because of his alleged cheating), but with time and patience, he’s apparently proving his worth again. While their alleged new relationship post relationship is still in the early stages, it may be rushed along a lot faster than either expected. Jen might be pregnant!

After reportedly feeling a lot of the same symptoms she experienced during her three pregnancies, Jen was understandably alarmed that their one night stand might have turned into something more. She’s allegedly kept the baby news a secret from Ben thus far, according to the source, but needs him to hop onboard very soon.

But with their relationship rekindling so well, it’s not going to be an issue. Jen’s apparently ready to welcome Ben home with open arms! “They’ll do whatever’s best for the whole family,” the source said. We just hope that these two get back together. That ex-sex definitely meant something!



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