Kerry to Explain Syria Strategy to US Senate Foreign Relations Commitee


The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will conduct a series of hearings over the next several weeks on the US role and strategy in the Middle East, the statement noted.

“The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has requested Secretary of State John Kerry testify next week to explain the administration’s Syria strategy to Congress and the American people,” Corker, who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee, stated on Wednesday.

Corker claimed the failure to respond effectively to the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II caused by the conflict in Syria was blight on the United States and the European Union member states.

“Until we are prepared to take steps to address the root cause of this crisis — the [Bashar] Assad regime — we will continue to see dangerous consequences in the region that will impact our allies and our security interests,” the Senator said.

The United States has repeatedly called for the removal of Syrian President Bashar Assad, while Russia has maintained the Assad government is the legitimate authority in Syria and has supported it militarily under international law.

In 2013, Senator Corker sponsored legislation to arm and train a Syrian opposition force. The Obama administration later adopted this policy, but so far critics allege it has been a complete failure.


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