Economic factors threaten family unity – Fr Phiri


CARITAS Chipata director Fr Dennis Phiri says economic factors such as the depreciation of the kwacha against the US dollar threaten the unity of families.

And Fr Phiri says a person who cannot find happiness in the home cannot find happiness anywhere.

In his sermon during mass at St Atanazio Parish yesterday, Fr Phiri said God does not want people to behave like animals.

“You will agree with me that marriage today is under attack, you like it or not. There are so many marital infidelities; parents abandoning children, fathers who are frequently absent, neglecting their families, engaging in vices and quarrelling with their wives. We see a large number of young people open to pre-marital sex; pre-marital pregnancies and elopement are common. We know that economic factors also threaten the unity of our families, worse with this dollar issue,” he said.

Fr Phiri said there were a number of factors that contribute to the destruction of peace and unity in the family.

“We see disunity, violence, injustice and many other societal problems that are but a reflection of what is happening in the family today. We pray for all those who are married, I want o pray today for all the husbands who are faithful to their wives, husbands who care about their families and vice versa. I pray for wives that are faithful to their husbands and wives who care for their families,” he said.

And Fr Phiri said some marriages were crumbling because some people went into it for wrong reasons.

“Dear friends, as a married person, man or woman, if you cannot find happiness in your home, where else can you find happiness? Is it not true that some people find happiness out there and not their homes? The following points may help you to recreate or re-motivate yourselves in marriage. Marriage life should be enjoyed not endured; marriage life should be celebrated not tolerated. If there is no trust in your marriage it will rust. If you are not patient in your marriage you will have a lot of pain. If you don’t have a common vision you will have common division, if you stop praying together you will start perishing together,” he said.

Fr Phiri said apologising to each other when something goes wrong could help solve a lot of marital problems and stop fights.

He said marriage was like school as couples learn as they live together.


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