It was mutton, not beef!


A forensic test has proven that the meat that the India lynch mob found in a Muslim family’s fridge last week, which they claimed was the proof they needed to lynch him, was mutton, not beef.
Mohammad Akhlaq’s family, in the Dadri district in Uttar Pradesh, had insisted all along that there was no beef in the house, but Akhlaq and his 22-year-old son Danish were dragged out of their home in Bisada village, and brutally attacked by a mob of 200.
Akhlaq did not survive the attack and his son has now been moved from the ICU of a local hospital.
Hindus consider the cow a sacred animal and several states in India have banned its slaughter.
On the night of Sept. 28, police collected a sample of the meat from Akhlaq’s house and sent it to a vet for preliminary testing. These tests suggested it was mutton, but the police sent the sample to another lab in Mathura for a conclusive test. That report also confirmed it was mutton, a top government official said. Seven people allegedly involved in the incident have already been arrested.


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