Conducting Airstrikes, Russia Paves Way to Peace in Syria – US Media


Russia intends to combat opponents of Bashar al-Assad near Latakia in the west of Syria to trigger a political process in which the Syrian president will play a major role, US media reported.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and President Vladimir Putin made two separate statements, which, according to CNN’s Senior International Correspondent Matthew Chance, proves one truth: that Russia is looking to involve him in the resolution of the current crisis.

The main point Sergei Lavrov expressed, Chance pointed out, is that the US-led alliance, comprising of roughly 60 states launching air strikes against ISIL militants’ positions in Syria, has to coordinate its actions with Russia, which has also set up its own military campaign in Syria.

Lavrov has also reinforced the statement by Vladimir Putin, which the president enunciated during an interview on a Russian state channel, claiming that the ultimate goal of Russia in Syria is to instigate a political process that would lead to the resolution of the crisis.

Putin earlier stated that he would look into creating better conditions for finding a political compromise in Syria. Lavrov later added that the political process should start immediately.

Chance laid out that’s exactly what the Russians are doing: they’ve highlighted that their main objective in Syria is to give assistance to al-Assad, partner with Moscow for a long period of time, to defeat his opponents near Latakia.

But the eventual aim of the campaign is to begin a new political process, in which Bashar al-Assad will retain a strong enough position to bring Syria to peace. That’s what Kremlin is looking for, Chance concluded.




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