Russia Did More in Syria in 15 Days Than US Did in a Year – Syrian MP


Speaker of the People’s Council of Syria Mohammad Jihad al-Laham conveyed compliments from the country’s President Bashar al-Assad to the Russian government for its “position of principles, which meets the standards of international law and UN Charter.”

In the space of just two weeks, Russia — along with the Syrian armed forces — has achieved more in the course of their joint military operation against the self-proclaimed Islamic State terror group than the US-led alliance, which launched their airstrikes over a year ago, al-Laham claimed at a meeting with Russia’s Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko.

“Things that have been done for last 15 days by Syria in cooperation with Russia exceed achievements of US-led alliance in the last year,” RIA Novosti quoted al-Laham as saying.

He stressed that Russia’s stance demonstrates that its fight against terrorism could have positive outcomes, unlike those of the US’ actions in the region; the Americans claim they want to combat militants, but this challenge appears too hard to undertake for them.

“Russia in its position of principles rehabilitated the norms of international law, which the US in its position was attempting to defame,” the Syrian politician declared, in his speech to thank Matviyenko for her address to the international community in support of the fight against terrorism.

According to al-Laham, the Russian stance of principles “bares down the treacherous and deceptive policies of the US, which they use on the international arena.”

“We will [make] efforts to develop friendly relations between Russia and Syria that will have positive effects upon the whole world and harmonize with norms of international law,” RIA Novosti cited the words of al-Aham.

The Syrian delegation at the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly posed an urgent question to discuss combating terrorism worldwide, that meets the aims of all countries.

“You can count on us, Russia will always stand by,” Matviyenko said to al-Aham in response.

International law permits a country to use force on the territory of a foreign state only by way of a UN Security Council resolution, under the express request of that state’s authorities, or as self-defense.

Russia launched its air attacks on IS positions in Syria at the request of the country’s legitimate leader Bashar al-Assad, while the US-led coalition started its operation without the consent of the UN Security Council, and doesn’t coordinate its actions with the Syrian government.




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