Church giving pizza delivery man a $1,900 tip ‘coolest thing ever’


An Alaska church has given a pizza delivery driver’s wages an extra topping – tipping him a whopping 1,900 dollars (£1,230) as he was out earning his crust.

Chugach Covenant Church’s slice of generosity has topped another congregation’s 1,000-dollar (£650) tip.

When Ken Felber, a delivery driver for 14 years, arrived at the Anchorage church, pastor Dan Krause asked him what was his best-ever tip, television station KTVA said.

When he replied “100 dollars”, Mr Krause asked him: “How does a tip of 1,900 sound?”

Mr Felber, mindful of his heavenly surroundings, replied: “Oh, heck, no!” He said it was the coolest thing that had ever happened to him. He said he had no plans to splurge because he needed new snow tyres and had medical expenses. But he does plan to take his wife out for a good spaghetti dinner.

Mr Krause said it was an opportunity to do something small that would really have a big impact on somebody’s life.

On October 4, a delivery driver called Natasha shed tears of gratitude after the congregation of Sycamore Creek Church in Columbus, Ohio, gave her 1,000 dollars after she delivered a 5.99-dollar (£3.90) pizza.


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