German rights group files complaint against CIA’s Queen of Torture


A human rights group in Germany has filed a complaint against Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, known as the Central Intelligence Agency’s Queen of Torture.

The International Crimes and Accountability Program at the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights called Monday for charges to be brought against her for the 2003 abduction of a German national.

Khaled El Masri was seized by the CIA in 2003 as an al-Qaeda militant involved in the 9/11 terror attack.

He was tortured for 23 days although Bikowsky was notified she had te wrong person.

This was not all for El Masri as he was flown to Afghanistan for four months of intense questioning.

The complaint used data from the a late-2014 US Senate report on the spy agency’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” as well as other findings from investigative journalists who have uncovered Bikowsky’s personal  involvement in the torture of CIA inmates.

It will most probably not lead to the so-called queen’s arrest but will make working outside the United States more difficult for her.

“There are already arrest warrants in Germany for the air crew who flew El Masri to Afghanistan so we’re simply following the chain of command,” Andreas Schüller, head of the ECCHR told Al Jazeera.


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