New Jersey Man Indicted for Wiping Butt with Police Summons


A New Jersey man is facing a felony charged after wiping “between his butt cheeks” with a police summons and then throwing it at the cop.

Joseph Greenwood, 45, is charged with purposely subjecting Lieutenant John Insabella to “contact with a bodily fluid” during the incident in June by “taking the summons complaint issued to him upon his release from police custody, placing it between his butt cheeks, wiping the paper in an upward and downward motion, and throwing it in the direction of the officer,” the indictment states.

Greenwood had previously been in custody and was being cited for threatening an assault.

Three months later, in September, Greenwood was arrested again and charged with disorderly conduct and making threats to kill another person. Those charges are pending, My Central Jersey reported.

It remains unclear if the soiled citation actually hit the officer or not, but many are arguing that the felony charge is too harsh for the crime.

The fourth-degree felony charge could land him up to 18-months behind bars.




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