Panic at peak: Israelis lynch Eritrean


An Eritrean migrant, shot by a security guard and kicked by an angry Israeli crowd that mistook him for a gunman, was identified on Monday as one of the dead from an attack on a bus station in the southern city of Beersheba.
The Eritrean agricultural worker was named by his employer as Mila Abtum. In lynching, captured on amateur video on Sunday, the attack on Abtum underscored the rising sense of insecurity in the Zionist state.
An attacker who police said was a Bedouin citizen of Israel entered the heavily guarded station armed with a pistol on Sunday and shot dead a soldier before snatching his rifle and opening fire on the crowd, wounding nine people.
Police shot the assailant dead, and initially reported there had been a second gunman. On Monday, they said there had been no other attacker and an investigation had been opened into the Eritrean man’s death.
Amateur video showed a security guard shooting the Eritrean. Lying on the ground bleeding, and with armed paramilitary police surrounding him in an apparent effort to protect him, he was kicked in the head several times by people who slipped through the loose cordon.
Nitza Neuman-Heiman, Deputy Director General of Soroka Medical Center, told Army Radio the Eritrean died of gunshot wounds and the injuries he sustained from the kicks.
In Gaza, Fathy Hamad, a Hamas leader, praised Palestinians who carried out attacks. “This intifada (uprising) will not stop, this Jihad will not stop,” he said at a public ceremony.
US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday it was vital they clarify the status around the compound.


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