Gilmore Girls: Netflix reportedly orders new series for Rory and Lorelei


Continuing its penchant for reviving cult shows, Netflix is set to finally give the mother-sister dramedy of the early 2000s Gilmore Girls the ending it never had.

Multiple sources have confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that both Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel who played Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore will be returning for the revival which may include four movie-length episodes as opposed to a standard ten episode season. Production is due to begin early next year despite the fact a main character,  Richard Gilmore played by Edward Hermann, died earlier this year.

Graham, for her part said she couldn’t deny or confirm the rumour.

Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has also reportedly signed on to help Netflix with the reboot, which follows from 153 original episodes of the show. The program focuses around the family relationships, schooling and romantic relationships of mother and daughter pair and is based in the fictional town of Stars Hollow in Connecticut.

Another key character, chef and best friend Sookie St. James, played by the now ubiquitous Melissa McCarthy is unlikely to return. McCarthy’s recent successs include The Heat and Bridesmaids and she is set to appear in the Ghostbusters reboot.

Gilmore Girls‘ final season went ahead without creator Sherman-Palladino due to a dispute with the studio. Netflix’s decision to work with her is seen as a response to fans demands for a proper farewell to the ladies.


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