Khloé Kardashian breaks silence on Lamar Odom


Kim was among those who flew to Vegas to support Khloe, after Odom collapsed and almost died following a four-day drink and drug binge at a Nevada brothel. said Tuesday that while Odom’s other failing organs had recovered to a large degree, his kidneys must undergo dialysis for six hours a day. Doctors in L.A. are also planning to perform more tests on his brain in a bid to establish the full extent of the damage from the strokes. “Khloe is making the preparations to bring Lamar back to LA to further his recovery”. She did not say where he was taken in Los Angeles. “We couldn’t be more overjoyed!” the statement said. “As Lamar begins a new chapter in his road to recovery, PLEASE continue to uplift him and the family in prayer”. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Khloé Kardashian dropped everything to be with her estranged husband, former Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom, after he was found unconscious and hospitalized last week.

In a message on her official website, Kardashian said that thanks to the care of hospital staff in Las Vegas “incredible strides have been made” by Odom. Khloe made it clear she was touched by the “outpouring of love”, saying that without the “strength” the support gave her “it would have been hard to endure”. ​”On behalf of JaNean Mercer and the entire Odom family, we would like to send a tremendous THANK YOU to the illustrious medical team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas”, the statement read. Harden didn’t protest when Kardashian fled Los Angeles to be with her stricken ex. “He is so nice and being as supportive as humanly possible, given the situation”, a source told People magazine Monday. (13), are also accompanying the former National Basketball Association player. Lamar was rushed to the facility after being found unresponsive at the Love Ranch South brothel. Thank you all for your prayers! This is probably why in spite of the fact that Odom and Khloe, 31, have already signed divorce papers in June, the Kardashian’s ex-husband is still one of the “plot points” in the show.



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