US has no choice but to coexist with Iran, CIA chief said in 2007: New Wikileaks release


The United States has “no choice but to find a way to coexist” with Iran, said CIA Director John Brennan in 2007, according to a new leak by Wikileaks. 

Wikileaks published Wednesday data the organization claimed it had obtained from an email account belonging to Brennan.

The group initially made the announcement in tweet, as an investigation was already under way by the FBI and Secret Service over the hack of Brennan’s account, claimed by an American pro-Palestinian teen earlier.

“We have obtained the contents of CIA Chief John Brennan’s email account and will be releasing it shortly,” it said.


In one of the documents released later, Brennan gives “recommendations to the next President (assuming office in Jan. 2009) on how to play the figures on the U.S.-Iranian Chessboard.”

Brennan starts the document by an analysis of Iran’s “impact” in the region.

“Iran will be a major player on the world stage in the decades ahead, and its actions and behavior will have a major and enduring impact on near- and long-term U.S. interests on a wide variety of regional and global issues,” he wrote.

“The United States has no choice but to find a way to coexist—and to come to terms—with whatever government holds power in Tehran,” Brennan furthers said.

Dated November 18, 2007, the document was also filled with stale accusations of Iran with “terrorism.”

At some point, Brennan referred to the “CIA-engineered” coup d’état against the democratically-elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosadeq in 1953, “which allowed the pro-U.S. Shah to return to power and rule with an iron hand for the next 25 years.”

Apart from Iran, the content also included information regarding other issue including one, titled “Torture.”

Ironically, one of the documents, left unfinished, was titled “Damaging Leaks of Classified Information.”

A pro-Palestinian high-school student, who said Monday that he had been “motivated by opposition to US foreign policy and support for Palestine,” initially released redacted images of data from the CIA chief’s AOL account.

According to the hacker’s Twitter page, he is only 13.


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