Ben Affleck’s Homemade Video With Jennifer Lopez Leaks Amidst Divorce With Jennifer Garner


Ben Affleck reportedly has a leaked intimate video with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. What has made this situation worse is that the said clip was posted on the Internet amidst the actor’s divorce proceedings with Jennifer Garner.

According to News Everyday, the video was originally obtained by Radar Online. As seen in the clip, the “Gone Girl” actor was sharing a sweet moment with Lopez during someone’s birthday. Although their family and friends were also present during this get-together, the sweet romance between the former couple was very clear.

The shots were unedited and the series of clips featured three different, intimate scenes that the two had. In the first one, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were hugging and kissing. Affleck even had his arm around her body, and was seemingly brushing his hands over her chest.

The second scene showed Lopez as she was busy opening gifts. Suddenly, Affleck comes into the frame and surprises her with kisses. The last scene included a bath tub, as well as the former couple and their close friends.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had decided to break up in 2004. The very next year, the actor tied the knot with Jennifer Garner. Sadly, Affleck and the “Alias” actress have confirmed that they are heading for a divorce. However, new reports indicate that they are actually both working hard to save their marriage for the sake of their children.

“They are trying to make things work!” an insider revealed to Design & Trend. “It is really tough! They have been back and forth for years on this subject. There is still love there that they are trying to figure out. The kids are the great equalizer that they want to stay together for. So, it is a daily battle to see if it will work out. It is 50/50, at best.”



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