Liv Tyler: “Every Moment Is Interesting to Me”


Not everyone had the same childhood Liv Tyler had, with a rock-star legend dad Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler, but the Leftovers actress has overcome her eccentric childhood and talked about being easily distracted.

Tyler, 38, has just become a mom for the second time, Sailor, with Dave Gardner, and her other child, Milo, 10, was from her marriage to musician Royston Langdon.

On being easily distracted:

“It’s because I get so consumed. Every moment is interesting to me. So just walking out of the house, I wind up speaking to everyone and asking how they are, and then before I know it . . . I’m not very good at putting on blinders. What’s going on over there? What’s over there? I get into everything.”

On being a cautious spender:

“I’m pretty smart about spending. I’ve had this car for 10 years. Everybody makes fun of me, but I don’t need another car. I don’t even like new cars.

Can we talk about why are there 3,000 different kinds of taxis now? Why can’t we go back to the ’70s? I want those cool taxis back.”



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