Opposition Party Wins Poland Parliamentary Elections – Exit-Poll


The eurosceptic Law and Justice party is set to win parliamentary elections with 39.1% of votes.

The eurosceptic Law and Justice party led by former Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski is set to win parliamentary elections with 39.1% of votes, according to an exit poll data published on Sunday.

The Civil Platform led by incumbent Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz has gained 23.4% of votes, according to the poll.

According to an exit poll data, the eurosceptic Law and Justice Party’s result on parliamentary elections in Poland could allow it to form country’s government without entering a coalition with other political forces.

On Sunday, the Polish citizens came to the ballots to elect country’s parliament.

According to the exit poll data published later on Sunday, only five parties passed through an electoral threshold.

According to the State Electoral Commission, the information of the parties that succeeded to clear the threshold is expected to be revealed on Monday evening, while the official results of the elections are expected to be announced on Tuesday.


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