Washington ‘to cut aid’ to PA


The US is cutting economic aid for the Palestinian Authority, partly because of “unhelpful actions” by the Palestinians, a US diplomat has revealed.
News site Al-Monitor earlier said the US State Department intends to reduce aid for the West Bank and Gaza in fiscal 2016 from $370 million to $290 million.
A US State Department official confirmed there would be a cut. “The decision to reduce assistance to the Palestinian Authority was made this past spring,” he said.
“There were several factors contributing to this decision, including unhelpful actions taken by the Palestinians and constraints on our global assistance budget.”
The cut was not directly linked to the wave of violence that is currently gripping Israel and the Palestinian territories, the official said.
The source added, however, “we have made clear our concern about inflammatory rhetoric over these past few weeks.”
Fresh violence flared between Israelis and Palestinians Sunday. A Palestinian woman was shot dead while trying to knife Israeli border police and a Palestinian stabbed and wounded an Israeli man before fleeing, police said. A Palestinian was seriously wounded after being shot several times by an Israeli settler while picking olives, according to Palestinian security sources.
Meanwhile, the Palestinian governor of Jerusalem Adnan Al-Husseini said the cameras at Al-Aqsa compound were only of use to Israel. “They want to observe whoever comes in and out,” he said.
“There will not be calm without political prospects to definitively end the occupation,” said Nabil Shaath, an official from Fata


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